group settlement

Off to Australia

Speaker: Alex Patterson
Date: 1987, speaking about 1920s
Topic: A trip from England to Australia, and the Group Settlement Scheme

We arrived at Tilbury; we got on the tender (which is a ferry if you like to call it, or a lighter) which took us out to the ship in mid-stream, loaded with suitcases and baggage and what-not. I was the first one up the gangway, leading the Patterson family on its way to Australia!

Group Settlement Truck Transport

Speaker: Arthur (Arti) Breeden
Date: 1971, talking about the 1920s
Topic: Group Settlement in the area of Busselton, South West of Western Australia,

“… written by Arti, not from notes but from the vivid memories impressed in my mind by the struggle, heartbreaks and hardships suffered by the men and women from the United Kingdom, who left their closely settled homeland to pioneer a new venture deep in the bushland of a strange land, and eventually by hard work and determination, brought success to themselves and to the land of their adoption.