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My years as a Bush Schoolie Pt3

Part 3 - School Life


We have seen the passing of the little One-Teacher Rural Schools, with sadness and nostalgia; and we can be sure that we will not see them again; so we salute them for their wonderful contribution to the Education of our children.

The dedicated hard-working teachers in these little schools, provided top-class education under great difficulties, with remoteness being a major problem and transport and accommodation being also of concern.

Education in 1920-30's

In 1925, my brother Lewis Jilbert, aged five, was boarded with our Grandmother, Mrs T.J. Stevens, at 176 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, a suburb of Melbourne. Lewis attended Chatham Public School. In 1926 I also attended the Chatham Public School. There were about 25 children in each class. In September 1927, the infectious disease Whooping Cough, struck many suburban schools; Lewis and I were very ill. Our mother came to help Grandma nurse us, bringing our younger sister, Ivy, with her, later Ivy also developed Whooping Cough.