An Oral History

The area around Natya is part of the Eastern Mallee and consists of gently rolling sandhills, loam flats, with occasional outcroppings of limestone. The larger vegetation was principally Dumosa Mallee, but there was a lot of Hop Bush as well, and a few Mallee Pines.

Deep Down Under

Why do I all of a sudden have to think about global warming? It might have something to do with the heat outside, another day of sunshine and 42 degrees celsius at the moment and it is only 11.30am. It certainly is warm, very warm.

This year we seemed to have jumped straight from winter into summer. Many months of really hot weather and people looking for ways to cool down and escape from the scorcher days of pure heat. But before we go there let’s start at the start of this story.

My years as a Bush Schoolie Pt5

Part 5 - The Last Dance

When I transferred from boarding at the store, I went to stay with the family who were in charge of the railway station. It was while I was there that I struck my first mouse plague. The house was a nice cement one, but the mice were getting in everywhere. Mr Rose set traps everywhere, and this night he said to me, "Do you mind I set some strychnine in some flour in your bedroom?", because they eating my clothing; they were getting into the drawers and eating everything.