Cuttle's Mallee Stores

The Short Life of an Ultima Boy

I never knew my uncle Athol. He was born in 1919 and grew up in Ultima in the Mallee region of Victoria. My grandfather Robert Leary, his wife Emily and sons Ivan and Athol lived in Dillon Street opposite Cuttle's Store where Robert worked.

Early Automotive Business

In the early 1920's HE & MA Cuttle (later known as Cuttle's Mallee Stores) built a new Garage in Dillon Street. The first foreman of the workshop was Mr Roy Innes who brought his family from Inglewood. I understood Mr Innes had previous experience in the Electric Generating in Inglewood, consequently when setting out the Machinery Counter Shaft he installed a 110 volt DC Generator to supply electric light for the Garage and the General Store.