One Teacher School

Losing our Imagination

I began my teaching career in 1946 at Lake Boga Primary School as a student teacher, and so began a long life which involved a lot of pleasure, as well as meeting a great many great and talented people.

Kalgoorlie-Lakewood Woodline 1940s

From the late 1890s until the early 1950s because all heavy machinery was steam driven, vast quantities of wood were required to fuel the boilers, coal was too expensive. Consequently Wood Lines were born. The last surviving company was "The Western Australian Goldfields Firewood Supply Limited" which ceased operations in 1964. From early 1946 until the end of 1948, I lived with my parents on the Kalgoorlie-Lakewood Woodline.

A Bush School Picnic

Because of great foresight, the Pioneer Settlement is blessed by having a One-Teacher-Rural-School on display in its collection, in its original condition, and still functioning as an educational facility.

The One-Teacher-Rural-School did a wonderful job of supplying the venue for the education of the children of graziers, pioneer farmers, road builders, railway construction workers, fencers, shearers, rabbit trappers, boundary riders, pioneer shop keepers and other early settlers.