Sea Lake

The Whroo Dam

The Whroo Dam is a large shire dam, situated about 10km west of Ultima and 29km east of Sea Lake on the Sea Lake Road. It was two or three times bigger than the usual dams, which were in place to enable people to water their stock, and for travellers to do likewise, because in the early days of settlement travellers moved about on horseback, in a gig, buggy or wagon, and needed access to water for their animals.

Swan Hill School Bus '38

About 1938, the Education Department granted me a Contract for a School Bus to carry children from Ultima to Swan Hill High School and later another contract from Tyrrell Creek to Sea Lake. Both routes were run at a loss so I cancelled the Sea Lake Contract and sold the bus.

A Hard Day's Chase

One morning towards the end of September 1920, when I was 10 years old, my mother woke me a bit earlier than usual and said two of our team horses were missing. My father told me when I went to breakfast that it was Prince and Kitty, and said their tracks went west along the Sea Lake Road from our farm.

The Roar of the Crowd

In 1918 my father entered my horse, Elsie, and I into a riding event at the Sea Lake show. It was reported in the Guardian as, "Our Day of Glory":

Ken Brydon's performance as an eight year old at the 1928 Sea Lake Show caused spectators to rise to their feet and cheer lustily while Show stewards dug into their pockets to award him a special cash prize.