Western Australia

Blood Line Song Line Pt1

Ngajanoo Nilawal, Anne Poelina, Ngaiyoo Yimardoowarra Marnil. My name is Anne Poelina I am a woman from the Mardoowarra, Fitzroy River. Ngaiyoo mandajarra Nyikina. My people are Nyikina. Ngaiyoo Nyikina, I am Nyikina.

The traditional lands of Nyikina people are located in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. In the past Nyikina people have been given many names; Walangaree people according to the early writings of Daisy Bates (1907), was one such name.

Blood Line Song Line Pt2

I have always identified as a Nyikina my great grandmothers are of Nyikina Warawa and Nyikina Walmajarri heritage. My life experiences and my life work has never changed from knowing who I am and my responsibilities to my Nyikina culture, the river, my people and communities.

Economies of Nature

"Building the new economy: actionist, enterprise and social and economic change : Environmental Humanism".
Dr Anne Poelina

Today's economy is built on the foundation of global industrial and financial systems with immense productive capacity, but the extractive nature of this has created extreme income disparity and social injustice and wrought devastation on people, communities and nature.

Lieutenant Roy Retchford ran across No Man’s Land, stumbling under the weight of his Sergeant as the machinegun bullet tore through his thigh.

It was the night of 21 March 1918 and the two 11th Battalion soldiers were on patrol in the Hill 60 sector south-east of Ypres in Belgium. Patrol leader Lieutenant Retchford’s orders were to reconnoitre the German position.

He and his Sergeant pushed ahead of the patrol and reached the enemy wire. The pair were spotted in the bright moonlight and the German guns opened up, seriously wounding the NCO.