My Memories of Ultima

My Memories of Ultima

Of King, Country and Call

We'd gather round the flagpole
On every Monday morn,
And sing with childish fervour
Of King and Country and Call.

We knitted socks for soldiers
And put our names in the toes
And prayed "our boys" would return
After stalling the foreign foes.

The bus trip into High school
Was always full of events
Like when the jolly wheel flew off
Or we were blinded by the dust.

The concerts and the tennis
The football and pie-nights
Kept people in high spirits
Even some in fights.

The annual balls were wonderful
The dressing up was fun,
The modern waltz and foxtrot
Were danced by everyone.

The hall bell pealed loudly
Nulties' pictures, what a treat
it's always been my pleasure
The Ultima folk to greet.

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