Shall we dance?

The words ‘Shall we dance?’ evoke fond memories of dances held at the Rivoli dance hall, Parramatta, many years ago. Not that I can remember those actual words being said by a prospective dance partner though. After all, we were westies, and ‘Shall we dance’ was probably more suited to the North Shore. The invitation to dance was more likely to be ‘Wanna dance?’ or just an indistinct mutter. The more confident and better looking boys could get away with an extended hand accompanied by a smile and a slight nod of the head towards the dance floor.

CWA Entertainment Group

Speaker: Emmie Blackhurst
Date: 1997, talking about the late 1960s
Topic: Country Women's Association, Dunsborough, Entertainment group

One of the highlights of our branch of course was our entertainment group which we formed. When they used to have, say, the Christmas parties from the different branches or the division and that and had to put on an item from each branch.

Adventuring in the Pacific

It’s 1968 and I’m 25, footloose and looking for adventure. I fancied going to sea in a small yacht and travelled to New Zealand where I had been told yachts were cheaper than in Aussie. They were, so I bought an old 30 ft. wooden Yawl (two masts with the back one further aft than the steering position). Graeme, a mate from Melbourne, joined me and we sailed to Fiji without any major problems.