The Depression

WWI Soldier Settler

In 1922 I obtained a free rail Pass from the Soldier Settlement Board to the rail head at Annuello. This part of the Mallee was being opened for settlement. The area of blocks being 640 acres to 800 acres. I spent three weeks with the Lands' Officer Pat Cloonen looking at areas available for selection. Conditions did not appeal to me. I obtained a ride with one of the local settlers to the township of Manangatang. Here I was introduced to the Manager of the English Scottish and Australian Bank. (E. S. & A.) Ultima (Mr Fred Palmer).

Have Faith

When your workload is unending
And your striving seems in vain
Look up! don't be daunted
God's love will ease your pain.

Be strong when trouble tries you
Be kind when things go wrong
Be gentle with your loved ones
God's hand will lead you on.

Don't ever doubt his wonder
His Glory or His Love
Keep your faith in Him abounding
God will Bless you from above.

And when your day is over
Your cares and worries cease
God's Love will comfort you
And grant you Eternal Peace.

Day to Day Life

Sadly in the book, "The Way it Was, A History of the Mallee 1910-1949" by Doris Torpy, are details of enormous difficulties faced by all who sought to make a reasonable living in the Mallee. Their faith and determination should be an inspiration to all for during that period, "Nothing was easy".

I have not lived in Ultima since 1933, but I remember many things clearly.