Punch Hotel

On the Way to a Catholic Ball

My father, James Matthew Baldwin, a Lands Inspector, was born at the front gate of Hanging Rock, down near Woodend. My mother's name was Jane Perron, and she was born in Seymour. Her father built the Canadian Hotel there, and a big hall. He wasn't a builder, but he supplied the money to build the Canadian. He was married twice.


STREET LIGHTING: Dillon Street was lit by Gas Lamps using carbide and water.

PICTURE SHOWS: Travelling picture operators came on occasions. There was always a rush by the boys to get the job of ringing the bell which meant free tickets. Ringers had to walk the streets calling out the picture to be shown. A popular call was also "Roll up, tumble up, bring your old woman up."

FOOTBALL MATCHES: Spectators generally became very heated especially when playing Meatian. Some of the ladies got carried away and beat others with their umbrellas.