School Committee

My years as a Bush Schoolie Pt4

Part 4 - Discipline & Respect

All the children who came to school were well-fed, well-clothed and clean, and there were no problems with sickness such as epidemics. Nor were there any disturbed children - no disciplinary troubles whatsoever. We didn't have any aggressive children either; I never used the strap - there was one in a cupboard that someone had left - but I never used it, there was never a need. There was a corporal punishment book where incidences were recorded whenever a teacher had to use the strap, but I think there was only one entry in it.

My years as a Bush Schoolie Pt3

Part 3 - School Life


We have seen the passing of the little One-Teacher Rural Schools, with sadness and nostalgia; and we can be sure that we will not see them again; so we salute them for their wonderful contribution to the Education of our children.

The dedicated hard-working teachers in these little schools, provided top-class education under great difficulties, with remoteness being a major problem and transport and accommodation being also of concern.

A Bush School Picnic

Because of great foresight, the Pioneer Settlement is blessed by having a One-Teacher-Rural-School on display in its collection, in its original condition, and still functioning as an educational facility.

The One-Teacher-Rural-School did a wonderful job of supplying the venue for the education of the children of graziers, pioneer farmers, road builders, railway construction workers, fencers, shearers, rabbit trappers, boundary riders, pioneer shop keepers and other early settlers.