Work in America

I was wandering across America in my 20s and stopped at an employment agency with a window display. I noticed a job available on a farm and thought, ‘What the hell give it a go. I’ve been on the road for two weeks and could use a rest and some cash'.

I had an interview and was offered the job on a property 50 miles out of town. I said yes, and was told it was an ‘All found job plus $20 a week’, I was given a ticket, directed to the bus station and told the employer, a guy called Calvin, would meet me where the bus stopped in Dinger’s Falls, the town nearest to his place.


I'd weed your garden Mrs
If you'd give me a cup of tea
I'd be ever so grateful Mrs
If you'd spare a crust for me.

Been on the road eight months Mrs
And my clothes are wearing out
But I still have a bit of pride Mrs
So I work my way about.

What's that you said to me Mrs?
Come in! do you mean that?
Into the warmth of your kitchen Mrs
Then I'll wipe my feet on the mat.

A drop of soup in a bowl Mrs?
And I can sleep in the barn?
Wait till I tell my mates Mrs
They'll never believe this yarn.

Education, Work & the Dole

My father, Thomas Charles Sutton, (the sixth child of the family) drove with their worldly possessions, in a wagon drawn by two horses; and a few other animals - horses, a couple of cows and dogs; from Mallala in South Australia to land selected between Ultima and Waitchie.