Bryan McNally is an exciting new author whose subject matter transcends mainstream and edge taking thrills.
Bryan has vast experience in all forms of writing in his roles within industry and now takes these skills along with his energetic imagination to produce one of the most innovative first fiction novels to surface in years.
His extensive travel and research landed him with the concept for The Vytautus Pursuit. In melding the intense and varied history of Lithuania and its forefathers with daring concepts and linkages throughout, his first offering will provide readers with a new avenue of escape.
The reader will be spellbound from Page one and once finished will be impatient in awaiting the next in the series.
In addition to being author of the Jack Carpenter Novels, Bryan leads a Creative Writing Group at the Whittlesea U3A in Melbourne.
Bryan is also keen to write about his memories of growing up in the fifties and sixties Northern suburbs of Melbourne with just his mother, widowed before Bryan started School