Horses, Cars

Cuttles started a garage here first, on the same site as now. There were a few cars around then. It was a lot easier job in those days. It wasn't that easy, but it was easier than it is today.

On the Way to a Catholic Ball

My father, James Matthew Baldwin, a Lands Inspector, was born at the front gate of Hanging Rock, down near Woodend. My mother's name was Jane Perron, and she was born in Seymour. Her father built the Canadian Hotel there, and a big hall. He wasn't a builder, but he supplied the money to build the Canadian. He was married twice.

Rise & Fall of Business Pioneers

When my grandfather was advised by his doctor to "go north" he and my grandmother purchased 1800 acres of land in the Victorian Mallee. Perhaps they were influenced by the current thinking of the politicians and intellectuals of the day who considered that closer settlement of the country was required to alleviate the depression of the 1890s. The Land Board Officers assured them that the Mallee had good rainfall, but ignored possible droughts.