Farming and Community Service

Speaker: Fred Brockman
Date: 2011
Topic: Jobs and Volunteering and Changes in Farming

My first job; when I was high enough to look over the dining room table was to sweep the crumbs after every meal. I didn’t enjoy it much; a copper handled brush and a little tray. Yes, and then later on during the summer time, when the main dairy was out, as soon as I could milk the cows it was always my turn to go and milk the house cows. So that was my job. The others had progressed long past that sort of thing in those days.

A Childhood Tragedy

Speaker: Lance Avery
Date: 1997, talking about April 1919
Topic: His sister Lily’s death aged 12

The Bush Fire

“We will get into trouble now.” The little girl wailed as she wiped her snotty nose and salty tears with the back of her grimy hand. “Dad will be so angry; we have to be with him when we light grass trees, Robert.” She scolded. The dark headed boy with very heavy eyebrows hissed. “Stop crying, I know Uncle Allen will be mad.” He assessed the situation quickly and ordered, “If we use those rusty cans over there we can bring enough water from that creek puddle to put out the flames.