Home on the Range

Anyone living at Woomera, S.A., who had sufficient stamina, could play football in three different codes, each weekend. There was Soccer on Saturday afternoon, Rugby League on Sunday morning and Australian Rules on Sunday afternoon. For a country town of five-and-a-half thousand citizens, it may have been the only place in Australia to have so many different football competitions for that size population.

End of WWI

One of my earliest memories is of a lady, Mrs Watt, walking up to the school excitedly ringing a bell, to let us know the First World War was over - as my father (Bill Harrison) was away with the forces - this was especially good news for us.

I remember our Sunday School Anniversary, when Mr Thomas had us practising for weeks, and on the big day we went to the hall, which had been beautifully decorated with flowers for 3 services, we received our yearly prizes on this day and usually, had a new dress, so we looked forward to it.

Place to Spend One's Youth

My memories of life in Ultima are generally good; I would say totally fulfilled, being involved in every sport and other activities that came along.


STREET LIGHTING: Dillon Street was lit by Gas Lamps using carbide and water.

PICTURE SHOWS: Travelling picture operators came on occasions. There was always a rush by the boys to get the job of ringing the bell which meant free tickets. Ringers had to walk the streets calling out the picture to be shown. A popular call was also "Roll up, tumble up, bring your old woman up."

FOOTBALL MATCHES: Spectators generally became very heated especially when playing Meatian. Some of the ladies got carried away and beat others with their umbrellas.