The Canteen Pt 1

2nd February 2013

My Dear Jess,
I received your daughter Amy’s letter telling me of your sad news. I guess at this age we can all expect some form of memory loss, but no-one realises that one may really get Alzheimer’s someday. I am pleased to hear you have your lucid times and with this in mind I am going to write to you about all the fun times we had. We often said we would write a book about us working together at the Warawatta Saleyards Complex; then we laughed and joked about probably forgetting it all!

The Canteen Pt 2

1st June 2013

My Dear Jess,
Your daughter, Amy, rang today. It was lovely to hear her voice again. She said as she reads my letters to you, your worried face breaks into a smile and you laugh and shake your head. “Lemon Tart, Lemon Tart,” you repeat. You remembered the other nickname you gave me, wonderful! At the time I promptly called you “Jam Tart” and we roared with laughter. I had that terrible perm, and with my bleached hair, big boobs and thick mascara, you reckoned I looked like Dolly Parton.