School sports

My years as a Bush Schoolie Pt3

Part 3 - School Life

The Bad Egg

As a teacher for twenty nine years I can look back at incidences that occurred during my career. In my second year of training I was at a very tough Brunswick technical school in inner Melbourne. It was in an era, thankfully long gone, where troublesome students were punished by getting the strap as a deterrent for bad behavior. Never worked. I had an advantage over other male teachers as I was a member of the State Basketball Team for four consecutive years and had the same standing of say an AFL player being a teacher with the relevance to follow.

A Bush School Picnic

Because of great foresight, the Pioneer Settlement is blessed by having a One-Teacher-Rural-School on display in its collection, in its original condition, and still functioning as an educational facility.

The One-Teacher-Rural-School did a wonderful job of supplying the venue for the education of the children of graziers, pioneer farmers, road builders, railway construction workers, fencers, shearers, rabbit trappers, boundary riders, pioneer shop keepers and other early settlers.