Father of Radio 3SH

Father of Radio 3SH

Ronald Hipwell

In my spare time I built 3 and 4 valve Radio Sets and had many orders but my problem was in obtaining Cabinets for the Chassis. Having gained a lot of knowledge in the Radio field, Ron Hipwell and I had a lot in common with Radio and as a result in our spare time we built an experimental Radio Station from Radio junk. Ron applied for a Licence and was allotted a call sigh VK 3 KU, Ultima, Victoria.

The equipment was very roughly set out but it worked. We did not have money to buy good equipment. We used to borrow the microphone from the telephone at work.

He set up the Amateur Broadcasting Station at his home, the call sign was changed to VK3KU Swan Hill. As there were people interested in the night and weekend transmission, Bill Cornish (now deceased) and Ted Wendel (now deceased) Photographer, decided to put in resulted in some capital to buy equipment. The project was successful and a large Company was formed and bought out the Syndicate. The original call sign was changed to a Commercial Broadcasting Station, 3SH, Swan Hill.

Ron Hipwell was a good mechanic and Electrical wizard particularly on Transmitters. He left Swan Hill and went to the Frankston area where he started Electrical, contracting and other projects.

Later he obtained large contracts installing Transmitters in NSW and Adelaide.