Ode to Staff

Ode to Staff

Backbone of a Good Business

For a successful enterprise in selling Motor Cars, trucks and tractors and for the repairs I needed some efficient help which I had as my brother Jack had attended a General Motors Automotive School in August 1937 and achieved a Certificate of proficiency in the servicing of motor vehicles. Later in 1940 Jack had for some years had training with the Ministry of Munitions at Maribynong Ordinance Factory producing huge guns on wheels.

Having had some prior knowledge when he worked in the garage, welding and repairing parts from 1934 to 1939 enabled him to rectify errors in parts and save waste of material in the ordinance factory also in a Government factory in Castlemaine.

I had other employees in the garage. Llewlyn John Williams who was good at panel beating and assisting in the spraying, (the spray part I did myself) also I had Reginald Johnson and Thomas Atkin who left me to join the RAAF; they later returned and were re-employed.

After Reg Johnson left me to run his father's business operating a Rabbit Chiller and Tom Atkin left to assist on his father's farm.

As regards Office staff I was fortunate that I married May Sutton who had considerable experience in book-keeping and was capable of producing a Balance Sheet each month, having had some tuition from Mr Lennox- Bigger when she spent some time employed in Cuttle's Store during the time it was in Liquidation.

I must mention the late Miss Molly Jackson who was my first office girl, followed by Miss Lois Bell (now Mrs WA Hinton (Bill), Lois proved to be most capable and sincere person who I could trust in every respect; she had her job at heart. After her marriage she often came back and filled a vacancy until I was able to obtain Miss Irene Date who was a good worker and attended to sales of petrol and parts. Beryl Atkin who was in my employ for many years. Beryl was good and trustworthy and always willing to work.

I was fortunate in obtaining the services of Mr Leopold Brock who had retired from Kelly and Lewis. Mr Brock, known as Lee was most reliable and was a very handy man who I could trust to drive a School Bus in an emergency when I sometimes had a driver problem. The buses were operated without any hold ups due to Lee Brock being most reliable. When I think back he was always willing and one day he was unfortunate enough to rush past a Tiger Moth Aeroplane motor which I started up as he was afraid the tail would lift up as I had not had the elevator tied forward and as a consequence: he lost 2 fingers . This meant First Aid and a rush trip to Dr Weaver (in Swan Hill) who operated and placed him in hospital. On recovery he was back on the job.