Outback Australia

Outback Australia

Road Kill

Wazza the wedged-tailed eagle blinks open his bright yellow eye. He breathes in the morning air through his large beak and gets ready to hunt for his food. High on his branch at the top of a tall gum tree, he enjoys the scents of the morning. He smells the meal of the day.

Honzo the hawk stirs and wakes, his beady eyes looking for food. He feels the sun begin to warm his brown body. He too smells the scents of the early morning air.

Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle leaves his high branch and swoops, flying low and fast along the black highway. He follows the bending road, his sharp eyes searching the source of the scent. He seeks the meal of the day.

Honzo the hawk, seeing Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle suddenly drop from his tall tree, flies down from his branch. He watches and waits.

Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle quickly circles over the long black road, his curved beak ready to attack. He spies the meal of the day.

His thick feathered legs with long curved talons land on the big red kangaroo. The dead body lies on the black road, easy meal for hungry birds. Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle quickly tears at the furry body with his sharp claws and strong hooked beak. He tastes the meal of the day.

Honzo the hawk sneaks down from his tree to eat. He quickly flies back to the safety of his tall branch.

Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle returns to the busy road. He continues to eat, ripping and tearing, feasting on the dead kangaroo. He enjoys the meal of the day.

Honzo the hawk waits his turn to feed, his swift body moving on and off the road.

Wazza the wedge-tailed eagle sees a large 4 wheel drive and caravan approaching. His sharp yellow eye watches and waits. Suddenly he flies up, his heavy body slows; he turns to circle away from the road. But he is too late! With a thump, bump and thud he is accidentally hit by the large white car. Sadly he is the meal of the day!

You can find out more about Australia's wedge-tailed eagles at the Healesville Sanctuary.

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